About Me

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How it all started

Hi, my name is Mara. I was born in East Germany back in 1982. I always longed to travel and explore the world, and my heart is full of gratitude that there is no longer a wall in my country and I am allowed to follow my passion freely.

And the writing?

Ah yes, my other passion. It started when I joined our school newspaper at the age of 13. Where it went from there? Keep reading…

Once a writer, always a writer…

I have always been a nerd. I used to love doing homework because I could write and write and write some more. English and German were my favourite subjects, and when my high school launched a school newspaper called Phoenix I was into it from the start. I eventually made it to chief editor and also started working for our local newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung. After that it became more and more serious. I had found my calling.

Curriculum Vitae

2001-2005 graduated with a BAhon in Journalism from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany

2003 I interned at the civic press office in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. My biggest achievement was being invited on to a PR trip to Turkey and publishing an article afterwards.

2004/05 I interned at the German speaking newspaper Die Woche in Australien in Sydney, Australia. My main task was to help German speaking migrants find their way around in Sydney, bringing the community together, providing them with important news and information from home and interviewing relevant public figures.

2006-2008 After freelancing for the local newspaper Leipziger Volkszeitung for many years, I finally got an offer to take over the local sports edition as chief editor.

2008-2010 A new online portal called news.de was looking for editors in all areas. I started out in health/family/wellness and soon transferred into the sports office.

2011 to present I have gone back to freelancing, first part-time, since 2018 full-time. I am providing content for various websites and blogs mostly dedicated to backpackers coming to explore New Zealand.

This is my home

I like to say that my home country doesn’t exist anymore. I basically spent my childhood in 2 different Germanies. I have also lived in several other countries in the world and proudly called them my home, if temporarily.

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New Zealand

2010 to present

I got my first taste of the big wide world when I was 16. I decided to become an exchange student in the US. I had the most amazing host family ever in a small city called Quincy, Illinois.

During my stay and the many visits after I got to know lots of parts of this interesting country and am already planning on going back for more.

A few years later I officially embarked on my journey to become a journalist. Part of my studies was an internship abroad, which I decided to do in Sydney, Australia.

4 months I worked for the German speaking newspaper Die Woche in Australien, followed by 2 months of extensive travel.

After having worked as a (sports) journalist in Germany for quite some time, I felt it was time again for a change. So in 2010 I packed my bags and headed to New Zealand. For 1 year…

I have now lived in down under for almost a decade and never once looked back. New Zealand is my home and I still enjoy exploring this beautiful country.